Daily Fail

English: P icon with a newspaperA recent article in a tabloid newspaper took on the task of addressing sexual harassment in the workplace, identifying a young woman who had experienced it and revealing that she is now unable to go into work as a result of the bullying from other women and unwanted attention from male colleagues.

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It is not what you know, but who!

Business WomenWithin the Women Work Annual Conference Guide, there was an allocated space for writing down the contact details of the people we met during the day – actively encouraging us to network.

It was a fantastic platform from which to introduce yourself to strangers as it was openly acknowledged that we should all be doing it. No fear of saying the wrong thing or worrying people will think you are weird; or worse, rejecting you.

But not all events that we attend are conducted with such warmth and it can be a terrifying prospect to reach out to strangers in a totally new environment.

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