Happy New Year, Happy New Network

So the New Year has come and gone, and as with every other new year, it heralds the promise of a better, brighter, more successful one. We’re inundated with adverts for gym and health club special offers, weight loss programmes waiving their joining fee and a proliferation of products and services designed to help you be a “better” you. It’s that time of year when we try and make up for the indulgence of the silly season and get back to some sort of routine, desperately trying to shift those extra pounds/pay off debts/get in touch with long-lost friends/get that promotion/insert relevant resolution here.

New Year Res

If, like me, your New Year’s resolutions are somewhat futile and leave you clutching a glass of sauvignon blanc while only a week into your attempted dry January, rest assured you’re not alone. According to a quick poll on http://www.thejournal.ie, 54% of respondents had already strayed from their good intentions by 12th January.

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